Tarot readings of light

Tarot readings of light

Welcome to Tarot Card Readings of Light

Welcome to Tarot Card Readings of Light

Illuminate the path


Tarot can lead you into a future you want to live in.

Every decision builds the path we walk.  Tarot assists with illuminating the most auspicious path.  


Find out what your heart is really saying.

Amidst developing technology, there are  many choices and decisions to make.  Tarot narrows the focus and hones in on what the heart is saying.  What is your true desire?  What simple choice would lay open your preferred path?


Find a goal to focus on.

With tarot readings of light, lightworkers receive  readings that go right to heart of the matter.  Possibilities open making it easier to choose the path that your heart truly desires.

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Tarot Readings of Light


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"Bitcoin will do to banks what email did to the postal industry."

-Rick Falkvinge